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"Blues in Other Colors", on Shining Stone Records, is the latest CD from Grammy and multiple Blues Music Award-winning pianist David Maxwell. The talented Boston-based keyboard player, known for his creative explorations of the blues format, deftly mixes piano blues and world music on his latest effort. Maxwell is joined by a host of studio all-stars, including special guest Harry Manx. Manx adds an incredible feel to this recording, playing both guitar and the Mohan Veena, an Indian instrument he frequently uses on his own recordings.

David Maxwell has been in great demand for his session work over a quarter century. David backed up Keith Richards and Eric Clapton for Hubert Sumlin's CD, "About Them Shoes," released in 2005. His music was used in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes and in the TV series Touched By An Angel. Maxwell's diverse experience, technical virtuosity, sense of timing and rhythm, and ability to complement other band members has earned him a reputation as one of the finest blues pianists alive.

In "Blues in Other Colors", David takes the Blues, and world music, to a whole new level.


"Blues in Other Colors"

"Most Unique & Beautiful CD of 2013 – David Maxwell – Blues In Other Colors
David Maxwell is one of the best piano players around today… I’d call this David Maxwell’s masterpiece but he’ll probably make a liar of me with his next CD."

- A1Blues.com

"David Maxwell is one of the premier blues pianists of his generation, and on this release he follows musical giants like Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal in producing a set that effectively melds traditional blues with the roots music of India, Morocco, West Africa, Turkey and Spain…."Just The Blues" is exactly that as Maxwell demonstrates just why he is held in such high respect."

-Blues in Britain

"On this eclectic and fascinating disc, he fuses blues and world music styles in convincing fashion.…All 13 instrumental numbers are original, proving that Maxwell is an imaginative composer as well. The absence of vocals allows the listener to create their own film to accompany these vivid soundscapes."

-Exclaim Magazine

"David Maxwell and this brilliant corps of World musicians have put a new spin on the blues with "Blues In Other Colors…they bring the power of this music to life, taking the blues on a literal trip "around the world!... This one further solidifies David's diversity and reputation as one of the finest blues pianists on the scene today."

-Nashville Blues Society Blog


David Maxwell

For the 13 all-instrumental tracks on "Blues in Other Colors", David Maxwell blends traditional keyboards, guitars, bass and drums along with exotic instruments from India, West Africa, Morocco and Turkey for a delicious palette of sounds that transcend the traditional boundaries of the blues.

David comes to Shining Stone Records on the heels of his Blues Music Award winning release in 2012 for "Acoustic Album of the Year", entitled "Conversations in Blue" CD, which paired him with the great Otis Spann. He won that same award in 2010 for his duets album with the late Louisiana Red, "You Got to Move" . With an impressive resume of blues, jazz and improvisational styles, David has amassed a large collection of awards, including a 1996 Grammy for his work on the James Cotton album, "Deep in the Blues." Besides his 2012 and 2010 Blues Music Awards, David also has been nominated for 11 other awards from the Blues Foundation, and has garnered two Boston Music Awards in his hometown.

"'Blues in Other Colors' represents a snapshot of the melding of traditional blues with music from other countries to which I've been drawn," says Maxwell. "There is a 'blues' sensibility in the vocal and instrumental folk and classical music from many places around the world. For instance, one can 'feel the blues' in some of the traditional music of Spain (flamenco), Northern and Western Africa, many countries in what is referred to as the Near and Middle East, as well as parts of Asia, India and Japan".

This album came together when I approached Harry Manx from British Columbia about doing a project together. He was touring in the Northeastern US and we arranged for some studio time. Harry is a stellar singer and songwriter with award-winning CDs, who plays, among other instruments, the Mohan Veena, a kind of hybrid guitar/sitar. I fleshed out a few arrangements and called up some friends who live in the Boston area, too. We have an oud and raita player from Morocco (Boujmaa Razgui), a Turkish ney player (Fred Stubbs), a master percussionist of West African and Indian styles (Jerry Leake), an inventive blues guitarist who is a regular member of my blues band (Troy Gonyea), a drummer (Eric Rosenthal) and a bass player (Marty Ballou), with whom I've played many gigs from blues, jazz and beyond. Paul Kochanski (electric bass) and Andy Plaisted (additional percussion) completed the picture. Relax and enjoy the trip!"

David Maxwell has played piano with some of the greatest and well-known musicians in the blues. David plays many styles of blues, jazz and improvised music, but he is best known for his soulful virtuosity and unmatched ability to reach the heart of post-war Chicago blues. Through his work, he has gained the respect of artists, critics and fans and has established a reputation as one of the finest blues pianists alive, having played in the touring bands of Freddie King, James Cotton, Jimmy Rogers, Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters, Bonnie Raitt, Otis Rush and Hubert Sumlin.

"I don't think anybody could be tighter playing the blues on the piano than David Maxwell. He plays the blues like it should be played. He plays the low-down, dirty, funky blues. He's got it all together," said John Lee Hooker. "Dave has always been one of the most amazing piano players I've ever heard," remarked Bonnie Raitt about his playing. "David Maxwell plays with fire and soul. He keeps the spirit of Otis Spann alive," said James Cotton on their work together. And Otis Rush said about Maxwell, "You remind me of the old guys - T-Bone Walker, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles. You've got a lot of talent on your hands."